A visual heavy rock band, the GazettE, will make an appearance on "J-MELO," a music program on "NHK World" on 10/3


“J-MELO” is a program entirely in English which serves the role of “connecting Japan to the rest of the world through music” and is aired in about 180 countries around the world. the GazettE has been selected by viewer votes all around the world for the annual “J-MELO Awards” and this time, their long-waited appearance is finally confirmed as well as their very first studio live on this program. For domestic broadcasting, the program will be aired on NHK on 10/23.
Program Information
Broadcasting of “Club J-MELO: the GazettE”
International (NHK WORLD)
10/3(Mon) First broadcasting 8:30(JST)
※Rerun every 4 hours for 5 times
Domestic (NHK TV)
10/23(Sun)25:00 (scheduled)
Official Website: