Yuna Ito


Yuna Ito is a half-Japanese- and half-Korean-American Japanese pop music singer, actress and a former Korean model. She was born on September 20, 1983, in Los Angeles and is a citizen of the United States.
Yuna Ito is most commonly known for her role in the popular movie NANA in which she starred as TRAPNEST vocalist Serizawa Reira. Debuting under REIRA starring YUNA ITO, this young woman captured the public’s attention with her fluid voice with which she bonds Japanese and English together fluently. Despite only having a two-year career in the music industry, Yuna Ito has already gained great popularity within Japan and overseas.
Musically, Ito centres around a popular sound with a blend of R’n’B and soul that accentuates her vocal performance beautifully.
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