Ayano Onodera


Ayano Onodera, singer-songwriter and pianist, was born in Morioka in the north-east part of Japan. She grew up in an environment surrounded by beautiful nature full of lush green and water, the experience of which is a major source of her music making today. Beginning her piano lessons at the age of four, she grew up with classical music and film soundtracks, and has always been a great lover of Chopin and Motzart.
In 1996, she started composing music under the strong influence of a well-known guitarist-composer, Hiroki Miyano. She organized her own band and began her career as a singer-songwriter. In 1999, she decided to establish herself as a solo vocalist and, with the support of jazz-oriented musicians, she has constantly performed in many popular venues (clubs, etc.) in Tokyo. She also performed at the Miyagase Summer Festival, a special event “Encounter” at the Tsukiji Hongwanji Temple, etc.
In 2003, she set up her own private label “UtoUto Music”* and has released two albums so far: “Mizu no Hibiki” (Sounds of Water) in 2003 and “Kibou” (Hope) in 2004. (*UtoUto is a Japanese onomatopoeia that represents the state of mind when one falls into sleep.)
“Simple”, “natural” and “universal message” are the key words she uses as she describes her goals and purpose in music. Her clear and penetrating voice, combined with the gentle tunes of her own composition, pleasantly but firmly carries the message to the audience and catches their ears and hearts.
Now residing in Paris, she is hoping to incorporate European music into what she has already developed as her own unique world of pop music, in which she has combined nursery songs, classical music, folk songs, jazz and traditional Japanese music.
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