Haruka Togawa


As soon as graduation from high school, she moved to Tokyo and made her lyricist debut at the age of 18.
Her debut song was picked as the opening and ending theme song of “Gakuen Alice”.
Then she wrote for a lot of anime character and theme song such as “ Fullmetal Alchemist” aired on MBS and TBS, “BLEACH” and “Hetalia Axis of Powers”.
She also did the vocal as well as the lyric for RPG game “Altonerico 3 Sekai Shuenno Intetsuha Shojo no Shiga Hiku”.
She also formed a duo with Shinichiro SHARA Ishihara from EARTH SHAKER, called “HAL 9000”, releasing a CD and doing live performances.
She modeled for a female photographer Inbe Kaori’s works.
She hosted an idol group 9nine’s radio show “9nine nandesu”. Also she is a tweet mc for USTREAM program “LIVE on TJ Tweet Jockey JAPAN”.
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