Yudaya Jazz


What if beauty suddenly sprang from the superposition of the video of black American singer Minnie Ripertonsinging Loving You with a scene from the film ofHitchcock’s The Birds? What could possibly come out of mixing some old 45s of a child playing an analogue synthesizer with a video showing a Sumatran vegetable seller accompanying his pitch on a small plastic piano? Sensory discoveries, collisions of meaning, these are the moments of miraculous chance that the video-artist Dai Soma (better known under the name Yudaya Jazz) searches for.
Yudaya Jazz mixes and synchronizes images and sounds on a set of turntables equipped to mix DVDs, also using a camera and microphone to capture performers in real time, as well as a few audiovisual effects for enhancement. This set-up means he has a palette of images and an infinite variety of sounds and textures at the tips of his fingers. The compositional work is always carried out on stage, live, with nothing repeated or prepared, because the exquisite instants Yudaya Jazz looks for can only be the product of the fragile and the momentary.