EXILE is a 14-member Japanese pop music band.
EXILE leader Hiro was originally in the band ZOO, which split up in the mid-1990s. ZOO had had a hit with “Choo Choo TRAIN”. In 1999 Hiro started a new group J Soul Brothers, which changed its name to EXILE in 2001. In November 2003 they remade “Choo Choo TRAIN”, which became a huge success in Japan, selling well over a million copies.
Focusing on [pahuoma] HIRO are formed with man 5 of MATSU, USA, MAKIDAI and vocal SASA the vocal & the dance unit which 1999 birth.Measure debut is carried out.So far fusion of song and dance music “Follow me” and “D.T.B which it starts sending to world in theme. (Do The Basic)”, “Fly away” expresses their individual world views, fascinating the performance which is their true height those which are seen.But SASA which is active as a vocal as a writer of the self you secede in order to expand the width of activity with 2001 summer.2 names of ATSUSHI and SHUN join with the secession of this SASA as new [vuokarisuto].As for ATSUSHI although you being recognized capability with certain audition program, the outstanding talent who is defeated regrettably with last selection.And SHUN wins in the vocal contest of local TV station sponsorship about [tsuwamono].It is born with joining of [vuokarisuto] these powerful 2, as a vocal and & the dance unit which consist of man 6 of twin vocal ATSUSHI, SHUN and [pahuoma] HIRO, MATSU, USA and MAKIDAI changes.From they who increase expression power unit name rename heart machine complete change and EXILE.At 2001 September 27th “Your eyes only~ ambiguous my contour ~” you debut.20 single and 4 original albums release.In addition the best album of 3 types which are leased in 2005 breaking 2,000,000 with sum total.After that the activity has always been rich in entertainment characteristic e.g., topic is called with collaboration of the century, GLAY×EXILE.2006 March 29th, release of 4th original album “ASIA” in the [tsu] [te], SHUN changes over from here in solo, keeps being active as wooden place Siyunsuke clearly. And June of the same year, directing to EXILE 2nd chapter, [pahuoma] AKIRA joined, it announced the opening of EXILE, Vocal Battle Audition 2006 ~ASIAN DREAM~ remained undefeated from midst approximately 10,000, existence impression preeminent singing and TAKAHIRO which had edge correct lux were chosen.TAKAHIRO the second chapter of EXILE which joins as a new vocal now, starts from here.
Dancer: HIRO
Dancer: MATSU
Dancer: USA
Dancer: AKIRA
Dancer: KENCHI
Dancer: KEIJI
Dancer: NAOTO
Dancer: NAOKI
Vocals, Dancer: NESMITH
Vocals, Dancer: SHOKICHI
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