In August 2001, debuted from Universal Music with “on your way”.
Although many countries among the globe consider the rainbow to have 6 colors, Japan counts indigo as the 7th color of the rainbow. They believe that the Japanese have a unique ability to mix such things as music and fashion, and new cultural emergences and language. On top of the significance of the indigo color in respect to the rainbow, they believe that the name “indigo7” came from a sense of destiny, which derived from their beliefs.
While Kitadai prefers to use uniquely Japanese, sensible melody-lines, KENT has a more humor-oriented approach. Regardless of their stylistic differences, the two clicked. They dicided to make music that took out the “do” out of “kidoairaku” (ki is laughter, do is anger, ai is sadness, and raku is fun). With the inclusion of Miyaji, Shouji, and Asakura, the band became complete as “indigo7”.
Their 2nd single “Shizumanai Taiyo” was used as the ending theme song for the November broadcast of the Nippon Television show “Happy MUSIC”. The fact that the whole music video for this song was made in reverse (in other words, the whole video was on rewind) added hype to it.
In effort to reach higher grounds, their 3rd single became their 1st love song, which featured dynamic ensembles. The song was inserted as the ending theme song for the TBS show “King’s Brunch”.
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