Daigo Stardust started out the rock industry with a indie glam rock band named Jzeil. The band released a few singles but eventually the band disbanded. After his career, DAIGO decided to go solo, emulating his idol David Bowie. His creation was DAIGO☆STARDUST. Under his new identity he released 3 singles.
He was then picked up by Victor Entertainment Inc. and released his first mainstream single MARIA. The song wasn’t written by himself, but has been able to display his writing abilities in later albums and singles. Once DAIGO went major, he stayed away from his older songs, only bringing back on a few of his original compositions, which can be found on his first full album The Space Toy.
After the release of The Space Toy in 2003, DAIGO had slowed down in releases. In 2004 he only released 2 singles and DVD. A year after his last single, DAIGO started to build up publicity for his next full length album. He released two singles SCAPEGOAT and SUPER JOY. He finally released the album HELLO CRAZY GENTLEMAN, a less poppy album from the first.
Currently, DAIGO is active with his new band, BREAKERZ.
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