BUCK-TICK is a popular Japanese rock group formed by Hisashi Imai (and Yutaka Higuchi) in 1983. They are considered one of the founding/fathering groups of th visual kei style(along with X-Japan), though their songs do not follow any specific genre in particular. The name of their band is an anglicized form of baku chiku (Japanese for “firecracker”).
The band members include:
* Sakurai Atsushi on vocals (also writer of most lyrics)
* Hisashi Imai on guitar, electronics, miscellaneous noise, and background vocals (also writer of most music)
* Hoshino Hidehiko on guitar, keyboard, and background vocals
* Higuchi Yutaka on bass
* Yagami Toll on percussion
Although they use different surnames, Toll and Yutaka are brothers. In the past, Buck-Tick have performed with bands such as Marilyn Manson, KMFDM, Luna Sea and Soft Ballet. The side-projects Schaft and Schwein consisted of Hisashi Imai, Atsushi Sakurai, Maki Fujii (ex. Soft Ballet), Raymond Watts (also known as “PIG” ) and Sascha Konietzko (KMFDM).
Buck-Tick has always consisted of the same five members, though Hisashi Imai’s original band “Hinan Go-Go” consisted of Sakurai Atsushi on drums and a vocalist called Araki. Later, Sakurai took Araki’s place as vocalist, and Yagami Toll was recruited as drummer, creating the official Buck-Tick band and their formation of members that has existed ever since.
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