SCANDAL / Announced to start their national hall tour this fall


After performance at the Nippon Budokan in March, SCANDAL has began their national tour “SCANDAL -LIVE IDO LIVE- TOUR 2012” As the tour title says, it was a successive “live” and “ido (ido = transit)”tour in which they performed 17 shows in 1 month At the tour final in Sapporo PENNY LANE 24, where the band member experienced performance 2 days in a row at the same venue for the first time SCANDAL performed with great passion on this special day. They’ve performed the upcoming single “Taiyo Scandalous” (to be released on July 11) which is creating buzz as the topic of its producer being NAOTO from the band ORANGE RANGE and “Welcome home” which is contained in the same CD as the coupled track.
For encore, foursome astonished audiences by announcing national hall tour this fall. At the end of the concert, Haruna, thvocalist mentioned her resolution as follows. “We are open 24 hours, seven days a week. Please catch us up!” and performed their singles in their independent label days, “Kagerou” and “Space Ranger” which are loved by all fans. Their concert ended highly successfully
Their new single “Taiyo Scandalous” will be available for downloading via true-tone in Japan on June 19. Also the merchandise for “SCANDAL -LIVE IDO LIVE- TOUR 2012” are currently available at E-commerce shop at SCANDAL’s official website. Please check the new items!
【Scandal Release】
July 11 ,2012
13th Single  “Taiyo Scandalous”
【Hall Tour, Fall 2012】
Oct. 12(Fri) Wakoushimin Bunka Center
Open 18:30 /Start 19:00
Oct.20(Sat) Osaka Kokusai Kaigijo Gurancube Osaka Main Hall
Open 17:00 / Start 18:00
Oct.21(Sun) Osaka Kokusai Kaigijo Gurancube Osaka Main Hall
Open 17:00 / Start 18:00
Oct.24(Wed) Iida Bunka Kaikan
Open 18:30 /Start 19:00
Oct.26(Fri) Fukuoka Shimin Kaikan
Open 18:30 /Start 19:00
Oct.28(Sun) Edogawa Kumin Bunka Center Dai Hall
Open17:30 / Start 18:00
Oct.31(Wed) Omiya Sonic City
Open 18:00 /Start 19:00
Nov.3(Sat) Aichi ken Geijutsu Gekijou Dai Hall
Open 17:00 / Start 17:30
Nov.4(Sun) Aichiken Geijutu Gekijou Dai Hall
Open16:00 / Start 16:30
Nov.6(Tue) Kanazawashi Bunka Hall
Open 18:30 / Start 19:00
Nov.10(Sat)Hiroshima Ueno Gakuen Hall
Open17:30 /Start18:00
Nov.16(Fri) Zepp Sapporo
Open 17:30 / Start 18:00
Nov.18(Sun) Sendai Izumiti 21
Open 17:30 / Start 18:00
Nov.20(Tue)Niigata Shimin Geijutu Bunka Kaikan
Open 18:30 / Start 19:00
Nov.22(Thu)Nakano Sunplaza
Open 18:00 / Start19:00
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HARUNA Vocal & Guitar Birthday Aug 10 1988 Blood Type A
MAMI Guitar& Vocal Birthday May 21 1990 Blood Type AB
TOMOMI Bass & Vocal Birthday May 31 1990 Blood Type A
RINA Drums & Vocal Birthday Aug 21 1991 Blood Type B
SCANDAL was formed in August, 2006 with four high school girls who went to the same vocal & dance school in Osaka, Japan. They started performing as SCANDAL with aggressive sounds with pop characters. After it was formed, they often performed on the street of they called Shiroten in Osaka Castle Park. After a while, they started performing at the live house in Kansan area. In March 2008, they were invited to Japanese culture convention Sakura-Con in Seattle, and they went around six cities in the U.S to see over 7,000 fans of them.
In July 2008, they generated 10,000 people to Japan Expo in France and 8,000 to Anime Comic Fes in Hong Kong. In October 2008, they released DOLL as their debut single. DOLL was rewarded for Power Play from over 40 FM/AM/CS radio stations in Japan.
On July 17th 2009, they released their 3rd single Shoujo S, and it was ranked 6th in the first week on Oricon chart, and 5th on Reco-choku Chakuuta Full (Full music ring tone provider) weekly chart. On October 21st, they released their first album BEST★SCANDAL and got 5th on Oricon chart in their first week of the release. For the girls band’s album to be awarded within 5th in their first week of the release was the first time in 7 years and a half.
In 2009, they were rewarded for New Face Award from Japan Record Award. – New Artist Their 7th single Shunkan Sentimental a tie-in song with the smash-hit animation series FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST, has again scored high on the charts. #7 on ORICON and #4 on the Reco-choku full (full track download) chart. They also released Taiyouto Kimigaegaku STORY in June.
In July, they released their first ballad Namidano Regret, followed by their 2nd album TEMPTATION BOX, and this was awarded 3rd place on Oricon. In October, Scandal nanka Buttobase was released, and this also awarded 3rd place on Oricon. Everyone was talking about their cover mini album R-GIRL’s ROCK! released in November.
In April 2011, single HARUKA was released and it ranked #3, the highest chart on Oricon weekly in their history ever.
In August 2011, their 3rd original album BABY ACTION was released, followed by VIDEO ACTION, 1st video clip collection DVD. They also went on Asia tour, 1st tour outside Japan, and gathered 2,500 audiences from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.
In March 28 2012, SCANDAL held the concert in Nippon Budokan, one of the high status venues in Japan.