HALCALI is a girl hip-hop duo of Tokyoites HALCA, age 20, and YUCALI, age 21, who have been classmates of a dancing school since childhood. They won the grand prize of Female Rapper Audition and made their debut under full-scale produce of O.T.F.
After releasing two smash-hit albums, they transferred to Epic Records Japan and released first single Tip Taps Tap on December 7, 2005.
The HALCALI girls were invited to the JAPAN EXPO 07 that took place in suburban Paris in July 2007. They intrigued the audience of over 5,000 with their gallant performance. Third album Cyborg Oretachi was released on July 18, 2007.
HALCALI participated in more than 20 live events in the latter half of 2007, and culminated the year with the appearance at COUNT DOWN JAPAN 07/08 that took place at Makuhari Messe on New Year?fs Eve. They began 2008 with the one-band gig at Paris Le Qin Elysee and attracted more than 300 people. The performance was followed by the European release of Cyborg Oretachi.
In May 2008, the girls appeared as featured guest for Anime CENTRAL, one of the largest Japanese cultural festivals in the US which was taken place in Chicago.
In addition, the girls performed another gig in Paris on June 21, the Music Day in France. In this way, they actively performed gigs home and abroad, alongside the preparation for the recording of their fourth studio album.
Single Long Kiss Good Bye is tied-in with TV animation Naruto, one of the best renowned Japanimations.
1st single in 2009 Re:Yasashii Kimochi is currently on-aired nation widely in Japan.
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