Morning Musume。’16


Morning Musume。
In 1997, an audition has been held to find a female vocalist for the rock band “Sharam Q” on the Japanese TV show “Asayan”. Then, with 5 finalists of this audition, a formation has been created. On September 14th, during this show, the formation’s name “Morning Musume。” has been decided. In order to begin their major debut, the five finalists of this show are challenged with a very hard task: sell 50 000 copies of their indies single “Ai no tane”. They succeeded in just five days and their major career started with the single “Morning Coffee” on 1998. With their 3rd single “Daite HOLD ON ME!”, they get the 1st place of the Single Weekly Ranking Sales. Following this, the group get many awards like for example the Best New Artist of The Year Award with “Daite HOLD ON ME!” during the 40th Japan Record Award and participated at the famous Japanese Music show, the 49th “Kouhaku Uta Gassen” hosted by the national Japanese TV “NHK”. Since their debut, some members left the group during graduation ceremony and some others joined the group after being chosen through auditions. On September 1999, their 7th single “LOVE Machine” has been sold over a million for their first time. Many other songs became Japanese famous hits like “Koi no Dance Site”, “Happy Summer Wedding” and “Renai Revolution 21”, etc. Their carrier continued to be successful and their reputation reached also many other countries. After receiving lots of offers for concerts from overseas, they began to tour Asia (China, Taiwan and South Korea). In 2009, Morning Musume。 have participated in “Anime Expo”, a convention in Los Angeles and performed in a paying concert in front of 7,000 people and in 2010 they gave a paying live for 4,000 people within “Japan Expo”, the biggest European convention about Japanese culture in Paris area. Since their debut, Morning Musume。 have continued in parallel during all those years to release many singles and albums, always in the top of CD sales and participated to dozens of nationwide tours, which means many hundreds of lives. The group also takes part every year of hundreds of events as well as Hello! Project tours. While celebrating their 15th anniversary in 2012 and with the slogan “Aim for World Heritage Idols”, some Morning Musume。 members get and meet the fans in Taiwan, Bangkok, Paris and Seoul to thank them personally. On the 1st January 2014, the group’s name Morning Musume。 became Morning Musume。’14 (to be pronounced One-Four) and in 2016, it becomes Morning Musume。’16 (One-Six).
The group Morning Musume。’16 is composed of 11 girls (27 other girls have already graduated the group) and have released 60 singles as well as 14 original albums. They have celebrated their 18th anniversary of carrier! One of their song, “Kimi no Kawari wa Iyashinai”, released on 29th January 2014, was the official support song for Japanese athletes at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi and the song “What is LOVE?” was the ending theme for the TV show “J-MELO” of the TV channel “NHK WORLD”. The song “Password is 0” was the theme song of a Japanese mobile company’s CM broadcasted on the Japanese TV channels. Morning Musume。 ’16 is included in a project idols group called “Hello! Project” as well as ℃-ute, ANGERME, Juice=Juice, Country Girls, Kobushi Factory and Tsubaki Factory. The group also performs in huge sold out concert halls and this is just the beginning. All the members also take part in many musicals, plays, TV & radio shows, etc. With such a history, Morning Musume。’16 can only continue this successful carrier! They performed on the 5th October 2015 in New York at the live house Best Buy Theater in Broadway. Their 60th single includes a song “One and Only” with only English lyrics and they performed in Houston, during the convention “Anime Matsuri” on February 2016 in front of 6,000 people!.
So now are you ready to see the best performance and dance formation of Japan?
◆About the group’s name
The name “Morning Musume” comes from various notions such as abundance, multitude, the feeling of a gain, intimacy, like the breakfast set you can receive with many elements on it.  Concerning the Japanese character “。” (called “kuten” in Japanese), it is used to conclude a sentence in Japanese. Japanese TV shows use often subtitles and in the “TV Tokyo” show called “Asayan”, where the 5 first group’s members took the audition, they used all the time this “。” to conclude the subtitle. This new formation “Morning Musume” was also displayed with a “。” at the end and “Morning Musume。” became the official name.  On 1st January 2014, Morning Musume。 became officially Morning Musume。’14 (One-Four) and their group name will change like the year, every 1st of January. For example their name will be Morning Musume。’17 (One-Seven) on the 1st January 2017.
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