AKB48 / Senbatsu to be Stream Live on Google+ and Official Youtube Channel


AKB48 Google+ Management Team have announced that they will be live-streaming the 4th Senbatsu on June 6th with a live post coverage via Google+ and on official AKB Youtube channel .
AKB48 General Election
Global bilingual streaming officially scheduled for June 6th!
– 5:20PM (JST) Full live streaming of the General Election (+0900 GMT)
– 11:00PM (JST) Exclusive live streaming of the final winner’s election speech (+0900 GMT)
Don’t miss our live coverage posts on the election day too!
Moreover, AKB founder Akimoto Yasushi also revealed that there will be simultaneous English translation and Google+ followers will have the option to give +1 to members.
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