Keisuke Yamauchi


An “enka” artist born in Fukuoka Prefecture.
His catchphrase at the time of his debut was “I am an enka high school student”.
In 1999, when he was a freshman in high school, he competed for the first time in a karaoke competition held in Fukuoka, where he was scouted by the producer Hideo Mizumori. In July 2000, was called in for a test by a producer at Victor. Made his debut contract by singing a song by Hibari Misora, an artist he looked up to. In April 2001, debuted with the song “Mujou”.
Has performed as a member of “Ikemen 3” at the “NHK Kayou Concert”. It is an enka trio group consisting of Daisuke Kitagawa, Hiroshi Takeshima, and himself, all of whom are known for their good looks.
In September 2009, the single “Fuurenko” became a long hit which stayed in the Oricon ranking chart for 50 weeks. In May 2010, was appointed “Mikaku Kankou Taishi” by Nemuro City, Hokkaido where Fuurenko (an actual lake) is located.
In July 2010, inaugurated as the “Itojima Furusato Taishi”.
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