Beni Arashiro, now known as simply BENI, is one of several bicultural J-pop idols. However, unlike some of her colleagues, BENI is fully bilingual. That, and PR stunts such as signing up to be the ambassador for the NFL in Tokyo, suggest she has one eye fixed firmly on music fans stateside.
Her repertoire consists of danceable pop songs mixed with R&B. Occasionally, a cover of a popular English song is included on her singles.
She has a solo career and is also a member of Bishoujo Club 31. Beni was the first from the group to pursue a solo career while being an active member. She also sang the 3rd ending “Goal” for an Animanga Eyeshield 21. With Kim possible being her favorite show, She sang a different version of the theme song “say the word.” She graduated from Nile C. Kinnick High School on Yokosuka U.S. Naval Base, Japan and now she attends Sophia University, along with her friend and r&b/pop star Crystal Kay. She is currently studying political science.
She was named winner of the “New Artist of the Year” for the 19th Japan Gold Disc Award in 2005. She was one of the finalists for one of the Japan’s leading contest, Oscar Promotion’s, National Beauty Contest. She is also the ambassador for the NFL in Tokyo, and has been the face of many products such as Kose Visee, Glico confectionery, Orion Beer, and much more.
Although Beni’s sales may not be as high as other young J-Pop stars she has a dedicated fanbase, is a successful model, and is present at various events. In 2005 she was the female heroine in an Andrew Lloyd Webber play in Japan. She has also appeared in a short television program, known as BeniTV, as well as Shinkankaku Keyword de Eikaiwa which helps people learn English.
Her last single in Avex, “Luna”, sold more than her previous single “How Are U” and reached #77 on Oricon. Her latest Album “Gem” charted at #114 on Oricon.
Beni modeled as the face of Cecil McBee, one of the largest and most popular Japanese clothing line that appeals to teenage and college girls. She was also the host of the NHK fashion program, Tokyo Kawaii TV, where Beni discusses the latest fashion trends in Japan.
On October 2008 was announced that she left her label Avex Trax and moved to Universal Music Japan, and now she’ll write her own songs and changed her stage name to BENI. Her first single in Universal, Mou Nido To…, reached #1 on Chaku Uta rankings. The physical CD will be released on December 10, 2008.
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