Kaori Mizuta


Real name: Machiko Takada.
Birthday: 4th October (Libra).
Blood type: A.
Home town: Hitachinaka city, Ibaragi prefecture.
Education background: Graduating Ibaraki prefectural Hitachi commerce high school.
Hobby: computer, cooking and reading.
Favorite color: Pink and white
Singers she wants to be like: Harumi Miyako and Hibari Misora.
In 1992, signing with Teichiku Record, making her debut with “Hirenaka” and “Yoimachi Zake”.
In 1996, moved to Taurus Records, releasing “Misaki Yado” and “Kantsubaki”.
In 1997, won the rookie title from the 4th Enka Renaissance.
In 1998, moved to Tokuma Japan, releasing “Muteki no Hatoba” and “Maboroshi Jyouka”. started the campaign “Visiting 1000 Karaoke circles”.
In 2000, won the encouragement award from the 3rd Japan Artist Association Title.
In 2001, performed a concert in Los Angeles.
In 2004, released her first album “Kaori Mizuta Best Album”.
In 2006, released her album “Kaori Mizuta Zenkyokushu – Ashita Bune -“.
In 2007, released her album “Kaori Mizuta Zenkyokusyu – Onna no Misaki –“.
In 2010, eleased her album “Kaori Mizuta Best Collection – Densetsu no Hashi –“ also her single “Saigo no Koiuta” and “Oiwake Misaki”.
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