Satoko Moriwaka


Satoko Moriwaka liked singing since she was a child. She passed the preliminary round of “NHK Nodo Jiman” when she was 17 years old. She kept winning various Karaoke competitions. When she was 22 years old she got married and moved to Hiroshima prefecture. In December of 1981, Moriwaka made her debut with “Sonna anata ni horemashita”, mainly singing in Hiroshima. In 1984, she divorced and moved to Tokyo where she made her major debut with “Ukikusa Jyouwa”. In 1989, she held a campaign singing in 200 places with her song “Yuki no Hana”.
In 1992, she released “Onna no Kawa”. She won a broadcast music prize – the 23rd Nihon Kayou grand title and also was awarded the 25th Nihon Sakushi grand title.