Kaname Watanabe


In May, 1992, debuted with “Waka To Taka” a support’s anthem for brothers Waka Hanada and Taka Hanada whom at that time were national idols in the Sumo world. In January 2004, joined as the first Enka singer of Yoshimoto Kougyou. In June 2006, participated in Paris Music Festival as the first Japanese Enka singer.
Kaname Watanabe runs 7 sushi restaurants called “Kaname Zushi” in Takamatsu city, Kagawa Prefecture, and has recorded a 236M (774FT) long sushi roll when competing for the Guiness records as a sushi chef.
In 2003, he closed his “Kaname Zushi” on his 10th anniversary year, and decided concentrate on music. While making appearances as a reporter in a travel program on TV, in December 2004, appointed as Konpira tourism goodwill ambassador in “Sanuki No Onna”, a play with background set in Kagawa, and walked across the country while doing public service. With the will to make the whole of Japan energetic, Kaname sings his heart out everyday on his powerful stage.
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