YAMP KOLT (a.k.a Mai Fujinoya) is a Japanese bassist/producer/composer. Founder of Cemetary Records/FAR, and head of “Son of a Loud”, “live FAR”, and “Taiyo Yuuden” series.
His career as an artist has been extremely diverse, featuring works such as instrument manufacturing, lyric writing, composing, producing, organizing, remixing, DJ, creating movie sound tracks, and creating installation art. He often incorporates his original instruments/equipments such as the wirephone and YAMP KOLT SPRING (A thick metal coil that is played be striking it with a hammer). He has performed as vocalist from time to time. He has close relations with “Cudamani” of Bali Gamelan Orchestra and has collaborated several times. He is known internationally as his band “Little Tokyo” was featured in the 40th anniversary edition of the American music magazine “fader”.
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