Likkle Mai


Likkle Mai is a Japanese singer, songwriter, producer, DJ and radio personality who also runs her own independent music label. In 1994, Likkle Mai began her career as the main vocalist of a rocksteady group called the Dreamlets. The following year, she joined the dub band Dry&Heavy as lead vocalist. The group released four albums in Japan, as well as three albums in Europe and the U.S. The singles “Mr. Blue Flame”, “Dawn is Breaking”, “Love Explosion” and “Radical Star” sung by Likkle Mai propelled Dry&Heavy to be one of the leading dub bands across the world. The group appeared in numerous major music festivals in various countries, including WOMAD and Big Day Out. They also supported various reggae legends during visits to Japan, such as Lee Perry, Mad Professor, and Horace Andy. In 2005, Likkle Mai left Dry&Heavy to move on to the next stage in her career. She produced her first solo album ”Roots Candy” in 2006, and her second release, “MW”, came out in 2007. Listening to these solo albums, it is not difficult to understand the evolution of Likkle Mai as an artist. Following the release of“Roots Candy”, Likkle Mai toured Japan backed by eight top musicians from Japan’s reggae scene. These powerful live performances attracted strong attention, and she also increased her fan base at this time by putting on a series of peaceful acoustic live shows. Likkle Mai has appeared in numerous large festivals in Japan, such as the Fuji Rock and Rising Sun Rock Festivals in 2006, and the Wind Blow and Nagisa Festivals in 2007. In addition, she has continued to support many artists who come to Japan, such as Jah Shaka, Adrian Sherwood, and The Slits. Likkle Mai is an important singer on the Japanese reggae scene who has continued to fascinate fans with her unique and powerful voice.
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