Formed in 1999, ROTTENGRAFFY was active mainly in the Kansai area. In 2/2001, they released the EP “RADICAL PEACE×RADICAL GENOCIDE” from Bellwood Records, an associate label of King Records. In collaboration with IKÜZÖNE of Dragon Ash as the co-producer for recording, their 3rd EP “SYNCHRONICITIZM” was released in 3/2003. In 11/2003, their 1st major single “Warudakumi – Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence” (produced by IKÜZÖNE) was released.
After the releases of the album “CL∀SSICK” in 2004 and “Ekisapiko” in 2005, they left King Records and became independent. They then contracted with INFERNO RECORDS, a label founded by J (bassist of LUNA SEA), and released their 1st single “Mandala” on 10/11/2006. In 7/2008, they participated in “Kyoto Daisakusen 2008 – Kyonen wa Taifuu de Gomennasai” held by 10-FEET for opening act. Breaking the 4-year long silence, they released their 3rd album “This World” in 4/2010 which became a smash hit that sold over 10,000 copies.
After their 4th album “FAMILIARIZE” was released in 2/2011, their long-awaited best album was released in 2 editions, “GOLD” and “SILVER” with the concept taken from Kyoto’s Kinkakuji Temple and Ginkakuji Temple. Featuring single songs and a reversible jacket, these unique and unusual best album editions brought a sensation to the listeners not only in Japan, but also all over the world!
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