Formed in January 2006, by TOKIE (Bass), Yutaka Aoki (Guitar), and Hiroshi Kido (Drums). Although they had initially gotten together as a temporary group for a one-off gig at a magazine-sponsored event, their performance won such acclaim that they decided to make it official.
In July of 2007, their first album, “the Price of Fame”, is released. Through the live performances that followed, the band gradually developed its style into an even edgier and radical sound, successfully blowing away all stereotypical views that often tend to surround the idea of an “instrumental band”.
In July of 2008, the band welcomes engineer, Steve Albini, and records their new album, “too many secrets”, in Chicago. The Album gets released in October of the same year.
The powerful sounds of their Bass, Guitar and Drums collide and fuse together into what comprises a new standard and definition of “intrumental rock”.
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