A pop duo who performs various music with an accessible pop twist to it. Their repertoire covers originals, foreign and domestic music, enka, etc.
The lead vocalist Rie has a crystal-clear, moist voice that grasps your heart, and Qoonie, vocalist/pianist, has a soothing husky voice.
The harmony created by these two distinct voices permeates kindness within the heart of the listener.
In the summer of 2004, released the first Japanese cover of the, then popular Korean drama Winter Sonata’s theme song “Fuyu no Sonata – Saisho kara Ima made-“.
In 2008, released a cover album “FLOWERs”. The album is a compilation of various songs with male artists singing about flowers, an example being Masashi Sada’s “Asu Saku Hana”. They do more than 90 live concerts annually.
Their music is categorized as “Classical Pops”, a fusion of “Classical” and “Pop” music. 2010 marked the new beginning of September, with a focus on lyrics and harmony. They are popular amongst males and females of all ages, and are going on strong with live concerts held nationwide.
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