Shinsight Trio


ShinSight Trio is a hip-hop group that consists ofInsight (Andre Todman), Shin-Ski (Shinsuke Taoka) and DJ RYOW (Ryo Yoshihara).
Insight, the landmark bel-esprit who has taken over the hard-and-fast No. 1 spot in popularity and recognition in the global underground scene, Shin-Ski of Martian Gang, the jewel of Japan who has close ties with Insight and is melting the hearts of good music lovers all over the world with the variety of musicality and his unique sense of beautiful melody, and DJ Ryow a. k.a. Smooth Current, who has become a charisma in the underground scene through music activities asLevitatorz, a tag-team with Shin-Ski, or as a single musician. These hip-hop joy boys have formed the ultimate golden trio after their years of plan! The time is ripe for releasing the miracle gem hip-hop music by the miracle members!
ShinSight Trio have released three albums, including, Shallow Nights Blurry Moon (2006),Somewhere Beyond the Moon (2010), known as Wheres there a moon that is mine in Japan, and Moonlight Sunrise (2011).
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