THE UNIQUE STAR formed in August of 2008 with Hirokazu Ebata (Vocals, Guitar) at the core. Their explosive live performance lined by their edgy and sharp
guitar sound, emotional and piercing vocals, and the extreme power of their performance gained them such high accolades that before even their first release
they appeared on shows such as Japan music video channel SpaceshowerTV’s “Club Salmon” and at live events such as radio station J-Wave’s “Tokyo
Real-Eyes Live Supernova Volume 49.” They debuted in April of 2010 with their mini-album “Kuzenzetsugo” (Never Before Never Again.) After its release,
they successfully toured seven locations across the country.At Japan’s largest live showcase “Minami Wheel 2010,” admission had to be limited to first come,
first serve. In November of 2010, they released “Good Morning DEVIL,” a new world that beautifully, romantically, illustrated the pain and darkness of the
human heart. Their tour final at Shibuya O-Crest, “Dramatics #4 One-Man” is looking to be a sold-out show. A never before seen impact and backlash shot out
from the nova of hybrid guitar rock.
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