Great 3


Great 3 are :
Akito Katayose / Vocal, Guitar
Kiyoshi Takakuwa / Bass
Kenichi Shirane / Drums
GREAT 3: A Style and Pace All Their Own This trio’s debut was released in 1995 on the Toshiba EMI label. Since then they have released 4 full-length albums in addition to numerous singles. They have established their own unique musical style–so unique it has yet to be categorized. Furthermore, their sound has not been limited by the fact that they are only a trio. In fact, they are constantly absorbing new influences, keeping their style fresh and fluid.
The group has gained a reputation of putting on very strong live performances. In concert one is immediately struck by a different aspect from their studio work. In their consistently kinetic shows there is a palpable transfer of energies, taking listener and performer alike to a higher place, in the tradition of great rock performances.
They established their own label, Bodicious, in 1999. Vocalist Akito Katayose’s solo album, released May 2000, successfully represented his own solid musical capabilities, with John McEntire as producer and with the assistance of many Chicago-based musicians, including members of THE SEA AND CAKE and TORTOISE.
In April 2001, GREAT 3 will release their 5th full-length album, “May and December”, which will be Bodicious’s first full-length album release.
They are more aggressive and inspired than ever, so their music is sure to excite the listener’s ear.
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