GAKU-MC (b. 10/7/1970) is the MC of the Japanese HIP HOP group “EAST END”. At the moment, he works solo. The oldest member of Funky Grammer Unit (aka F.G), which is lead by RHYMESTER. Born in Hoya City, Tokyo. Graduate of Temple University. A big fan of soccer. Has collaborated with Kazuhisa Sakurai of Mr. Children who is also a soccer fan, to release a single. Went to Germany for the “2006 FIFA World Cup” to work as a reporter. Works as the MC of the Nippon Television Network show “Soccer Earth”. He has openly said, “Within the realm of creative work, I like being on stage the most”. Performs in many different styles: solo style with an acoustic guitar, as a band, collaboration with DJs, etc…. Venues that he performs at are not only limited to clubs, but include, live houses, cafes, outdoor festivals, and the beachside. These days, his music incorporates traditional HIP HOP sounds with organic sounds that are influenced by surfing. In the newest album, he has composed and recorded heavily with the acoustic guitar. He is very sensitive to environmental issues. Not only does he often perform at the ap bank fes held in Tsumagoi Shizuoka Prefecture, but he also acts as the spokesman of the event.
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