Nothing's Carved In Stone


[2008] Nothing’s Carved In Stone is born.
[2009.5.6] 1st album, “PARALLEL LIVES” is released.
After releasing the album Nothing’s Carved In Stone (NCIS) embarked on two nationwide tours as well as playing shows at various festivals all over Japan. No one expected a band that just formed to be as skilled and powerful as NCIS was and they immediately gained a huge fan following.
[2009.12.9] 1st single, “Around The Clock” and 1st live DVD “Initial Lives” released.
[2009.12.23] NCIS headlined a 12 city nationwide tour “Rigid Clocks”, finishing with their tour final at SHIBUYA-AX, which sold out almost instantly.
[2010.6.9] NCIS released their 2nd album, “Sands of Time”, marking a new turning point in NCIS’ sound and performance, solidified by their highly successful “Sands of Time Tour”.
[2010.12.22] 2nd live DVD, “Time of Justice”, following their “Sands of Time Tour” around Japan is released.
[2011.6.8] NCIS will release their much anticipated new album, “echo”, and follow with a headlining tour, “TOUR echo”, set to unfold at 21 venues across Japan from June 18th. Music fans all across Japan are about to experience one of the best rock bands in the industry more than they ever have before.
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