Curly Giraffe


Gentle, mellow, calm, peaceful….. a few words would come up to describe… but… A quiet joy of life….that might be one of the better expressions when you want to talk about the music of Curly Giraffe.
Curly Giraffe is a one-man band by a human being, Kiyoshi Takakuwa. Originally a graphic designer based in Tokyo, Kiyoshi started his professional musical career as a bassist of Rotten Hats (a 6-piece rock/pop band from late 80’s to early 90’s), then a connoisseurs’ favorite trio band GREAT 3, derived from Rotten Hats after its breakup, both bands had enjoyed cultic and solid fanbase in the Japanese rock market of the time. After the issue of Best & Live Best album in 2004, Great 3 decided to be separated and step off from the scene for a while. Then Kiyoshi started reviewing demos of his own music he had recorded by himself at his home, stored in the vault for the past couple of years and determined to launch into his own project at last. That was how Curly Giraffe arrived.
First appearance was a limited EP exclusively available at Tower Records in 2005. It quickly went sold out. Next spring he delivered the first longplay album, which amazed people by selling over 2,000 units only at Tower’s store in Shibuya. The album also stayed on top 10 of iTMS Japan’s rock chart over a year. The quiet sensation continued with the 2nd album “Ta-dah” issued in 2007 and the first Best-Of on major distribution (avex) the following year. In spite of constant release and high accolades to his music, the true portrait of the aritst was not much spoken. Few recognized that it was Kiyoshi, and Curly Giraffe had stayed as a mystery for a long time even among fans.
With the first two highly-acclaimed albums Curly Giraffe came to be noted for his multi-talent that varies from songwriting, singing, playing most of the instruments as well as producing, to the cool stylish artwork designing all by himself. Spending a few years in Australia in his childhood, enjoying all kinds of pop music and rock’n’roll on the radio made him feel more comfortable in writing melodies to English lyrics and singing in English, which differentiates his songs and performance from those by many other artists of such in Japan. Also combining folky and hand-crafted touch with electrified sound in the background makes Curly Giraffe music so unique and equal to nobody’s, while people would recollect from his voice and melodies the reminiscence of some great precedence singer-songwriters such as Jack Johnson, Donovan Frankenreiter and James Iha etc. Yet the songs by Curly Giraffe sound so mellow and calm with exquisitely beautiful melodies and carefully crafted arrangements and impeccable sound production, all done by the artist himself. More than anything, the warmth glowing in his smooth and relaxing voice is truly definitive and the biggest attraction of his music.
In spring 2009, his 3rd original recording album titled “NEW ORDER” caught the ears of wider range of audience with the great sound production of 12 strong tracks. Then in the autumn of same year, the tall, gentle, herbivorous human being delivered an unprecedented, epoch-making album. “Thank You For Being A Friend” made with his female friend singers and musicians is collections of 13 best C.G. songs, covered by most acclaimed female singers in Japan including beautiful divas such as Cocco, KAELA KIMURA, BONNIE PINK, Chara, Akino Arai, Yuko Ando , Keiko Hiraoka and KUMI(LOVE PSYCHEDELICO).
Fans didn’t have to wait long to find Giraffe’s new style. Only in 6 months, he is back with a brand-new album titled “Idiots”, versatile collection of 12 new pieces written and performed by himself. C.G.moves on and on…
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