YORICO was born on May 13th 1984. She suffered from cancer at the age of two till she turned five. During her sickness, her gift in music started bloom when her mother gave her a cassette tape of Disney songs and her grandfather gave her a toy piano. Experiencing the deaths of her friends who went through the same struggle at the hospital, she started writing on the concept of “Living”.
She made her debut at the age of 16 and was the DJ of All Night Nippon.She made her major label debut at the age of 21. Ovarian tumor was found when she was 22, she had to pause her career. Going through illness twice, she again got conscious of her life and her mission. She decided to sing for others instead of for herself, starting charity activities for “Gold Ribbon Network, a a support organization for childhood cancer patients, also delivering live performances wherever she is requested.
She expresses herself in music and keeps singing about a life, creating a buzz and being featured on “News 23” on TBS or “News Watch9” and “Toppo Shutoken” on NHK.
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