GANGA ZUMBA is a band formed by Kazufumi Miyazawa, vocalist and leader from “THE BOOM”. The band features well-known international, Japanese artists and musicians; Hiroshi Takano, tatsu, Marcos Suzano, Fernando Moura, Kenji “HOOK” Imafuku, Luis Valle, Reiko Tsuchiya, and Claudia Oshiro, members that Miyazawa hand-picked for his tour in the Europe’s and South America’s through 2002 to 2005. Playing to thousands around the globe, they have been praised and well received for their sophisticated and eclectic musical performances.
Embarking its debut in Japan’s own music scene in 2006, the band released 2 EP’s “HABATAKE!” and “DISCOTIQUE”, both born out of multi-cultural, multi-layered musical experiences, resulting in unique musical collages. With a full-length 1st album “UM” release forthcoming in Japan this April, GANGA ZUMBA continues on its mission, exploring and seeking new and innovative musical paths.
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