Bass, Guitar, Vocals: Takeshi
Drums, Vocals: Atsuo
Guitar: Wata
Although Boris is known to switch music styles regularly between albums, they mostly play in the drone metal/rock genre. In case you are not familiar with these terms: ‘drone’ simply means a continuous chord or a note to which metal/rock is added. The overall sound you get is pretty hard and very psychedelic. It is also very common in this genre that an album from a drone metal/rock band will contain only one track which lasts the full 74 minutes of the album.
If you are a fan of this kind of music, you will love it. If you have never listened to these kinds of bands, you will probably find their music very strange music and difficult to listen to. And it is true; that this style of music is not easy-listening. Boris’ music is not meant to be played on the radio and it is not meant to be used as background music in a café. Instead Boris use their unique style to express themselves through music.
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