SEXY et DANGEREUX! – The R&R Trio TRILL-DAN hailing from JAPAN
Formed in Kobe, Japan. TRILL-DAN are pretty much tasty as Kobe Beef…
TRILL-DAN’s straight ahead aural attack on the sense has earned the attention of many fans in Japan.
Girls poison by guitarist JUAN and bassist MARU being aggressive right to left on stage with dynamic twin vocals, the only man GIVA’s tight and powerful drums sitting in the middle.
TRILL-DAN mix LOSTPROPHETS spirit with ZEBRAHEAD soul like an itching in your heart full of napalm.
TRILL-DAN incited the band to emerge from Kobe’s urban jungle to fight against the tyranny of bland music with their own brand of nitro-injected rock & roll. Hypnotizing audiences everywhere with a shambolic fusion of mixture rock and punk, with TRILL-DAN, a new movement in born.
To appreciate TRILL-DAN’s music, you have to have a streak of wildness, a fierce independence of spirit, and an absolute belief in the unusual, the strange, the unpredictable.
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