i-dep is Hiroshi Nakamura [Producer/Composer/DJ]
One of the famous Japanese band in the current Japanese music scene, i-dep is often referred to as a “One & Only” band from their distinctive style of music.  Mixtures of various music backgrounds (e.g., jazz, funk, techno, hip hop and latin) based on House music, the band has been captivating audiences across multiple music genre.
While 1st Album “Smile exchange” and 2nd Album “Super Departure” enjoyed long-term success, their long-awaited mini album “Fine tuning” was released in September 2007. The mini album not only topped the club charts, but also cracked the Top 5 on the J-POP charts.
In addition, the band has performed in both domestic and international music festivals and have produced and remixed songs by numerous other artists, thus their globalized work and performances aroused considerable interest in the music industry.
In March 2008, “Sotte Bosse” a duo formed by Hiroshi Nakamura and Cana of i-dep was awarded 22th Japan Gold Disk Award for Best New Artist of the year.
The band, idep is definitely one to keep an eye on.
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