While r.a.m has been involved in track making and arranging for SCEJ game titles, including DEPTH and other SweepStation series, ICO, and TVDJ, he also contributed many of his rave/electro numbers to the beatmania series (4th MIX to THE FINAL), its sequel beatmania IIDX (8th style, 10th style), DJ TROOPERS, and DDR. In parallel with that, he produced many pieces for 1st to 3rd albums under the name wize as a member of a Drum ‘n’ Bass unit [cycle] and a popular house unit [cargo]. The group cargo maintained the top spot on the iTunes dance chart for seven consecutive weeks and became the face of the Japanese club scene. Although he hadn’t released his work independently nor made public appearances, his first solo work was released exclusively for online distribution in January 2010. Immediately after the release, it hit 1 on the iTunes dance chart and 15 on the all genre chart to let everyone know his activities were in full-swing.
Rainbow Entertainmnet: