Hiromi Yamaguchi


An “Enka” singer born in Osaka city.
Became apprentice to Saburo Kitajima during her time at Ritsumeikan University. On May 22, 2002, Debuted with the single, “Ibushi Gin” from Teichiku Entertainment. Formed the group “Rainbow Usagi Gumi” along with Kaori Uesugi and Miyuki Nagai who both belonged to Teichiku and were of the same age as Yamaguchi and were born on the year of the rabbit. As a result of her long-term love for soccer, she currently belongs to a futsal team. In 2007, she formed a duo group called “Sei-chan♡Mii-chan” with a fellow Teichiku member Seiji Wada and released two versions of the duet song “Ii Onna to Ii Otoko” from Teichiku and Nippon Crown.
In 2006, held the “Five Year Anniversary First Concert” in November.
In October 2008, sang in front of 800 people as a guest for an event at Nichibei Gekijyou in Little Tokyo held by the “Japanese Prefectural Association of Southern California”. Participated for the second time in October 2010.
In 2011, held the 10th Anniversary concert in Tokyo and Osaka.
In 2012, released the 13th single “Sono Na wa Koyuki” in January.
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