Ken Hirai / Release of “JAPANESE SINGER”! / 発売決定!


Ken Hirai is releasing his 8th album “JAPANESE SINGER,” a new album in 3 years. This album contains 13 songs among which are the latest 5 single title songs including ‘CANDY’ and ‘Itoshiki Hibi yo’ (the theme song of TBS drama “JIN”).Kiyoshi Matsuo participated in this album as the producer, making it possible for this masterpiece to reflect the revolution of J-POP filled with hopes for the future.
“JAPANESE SINGER”Release on 6/8/2011DFCL-1786 / 3,059 yen(tax in)
「JAPANESE SINGER」2011/06/08 発売DFCL-1786 / ¥3,059(税込)
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