Hailing from Tokyo,Japan the band formed back in 1999 by the classmate of a high school as cover band of Nofx, Dogwood and No use for a name those days. the band gradually started writing their own music and have some shows around Tokyo. Then new guitar player, Shuhei filled in 2004 and it became present lineup. After the new guiterlist become a member, They started activities in earnest. The band didn’t miss any of more than 5 shows every month after then.
They released a couple of demo CD from their own label HGR in 2003. Also they hand out free sampler CD 2,500 copies nationwide. And they released split CD with Fuck The Forest (From Sacramento, CA) in summer of 2005. They went on the road with Fuck The Forest in all over the west coastal USA in August 2005. All those activities like show booking,distributing,promoting,even recording did by themselves. Their DIY spirit grows up In those activities more and more.
Those copies became an opportunity for got few release offers from other Japanese Punk/Hardcore labels. In so many opportunities they had a fateful encounter with COFFEINE BOMB RECORDS. CBR pay more attentions for intends that particular about DIY of band than other ones.
In Nov 2006, they released their 1st official CD 「Pay The Price For Love」 from HGR and CBR double name. They had backing of underground fans of Japanese hardcore/punk scene by this release and steady activities until then. Since EP’s release they supported so many foreign tour bands (after listed) as a local one. They could grow up their performance by have undergone. As a matter of fact, so many bands that regardless of foreign or not evaluate and respect them. For example, Elijah(Vo,Killing The Dream) listed up 「Pay The Price For Love」 for best album of 2006 on the Web of DeathWish.Inc. Also Scott(Vo,Shook Ones) mentioned the name of a best Asian band who played with them on the Web interview.
[[ Bands supported in past ]]
Ignite(USA) [full tour support]
Death By Stereo(USA)
Have Heart(USA)
Killig The Dream(USA)
Shook Ones(USA)
Internal Affairs(USA)
Hurey’s War(USA)
Miles Away(AUS)
Jet Market(ITALY)
The Idoru(HUNGARY) [full tour support]
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