Hi-STANDARD Hi-STANDARD is a punk rock band with the members of Akihiro Namba (Vo/B), Ken Yokoyama (G/Vo) and Akira Tsuneoka (Dr). Active since 1991, they have been performing at live houses around Tokyo area. With the release of their mini album “LAST OF SUNNY DAY” in 1994, they began to gain more attention. They released 2 full albums “GROWING UP” in 1995 and “ANGRY FIST” in 1997 from a major record label. These albums also were released overseas with a good record of sales. They soon began to perform overseas around the same time. They started to host a rock festival “AIR JAM” in 1997, which became a significant influence in the punk rock scene of Japan. When they became independent from their major label with the establishment of “PIZZA OF DEATH RECORDS” in 1999, their very 1st release “MAKING THE ROAD” from the new label made a million hit, which was an extremely unusual case for an indie release. They continued on with their actives not only in Japan alone, but also overseas. In 2000, they announced their hiatus after “AIR JAM 2000” and the members began their individual solo projects and/or bands.
After a long break of 11 years, all the members simultaneously sent out a message “9/18 Hi-STANDARD AIR JAM. Spread the words!!!” on Twitter in 4/2011 and the official announcement of “AIR JAM 2011” to be held on 9/18 at Yokohama Stadium as a charity event for the relief of Great East Japan Earthquake and of Hi-STANDARD’s stage at this event was made in 5/2011. Among the artist lineup of 15 domestic and overseas artist groups, Hi-STANDARD was the headliner and performed on stage for the first time in 11 years. In 2/2012, they released a live DVD “Live at AIR JAM 2011” featuring this festival and held “AIR JAM 2012” at Michinoku Park in Sendai, Miyagi over 2 days in 9/2012. The live DVD “Live at TOHOKU AIR JAM 2012” featuring the scenes of “AIR JAM 2012” was recently released in 9/2013.
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