Idol troupe Niji no Conquistador’s new winter-themed digital single “Namida, Awayuki” is available to download and stream worldwide, courtesy of JPU Records.


Idol troupe Niji no Conquistador‘s new digital single Namida, Awayuki is available to download and stream worldwide, courtesy of JPU Records.

Like their yearly summer singles, these winter-themed singles have become an annual tradition for the DEARSTAGE-affiliated outfit. Namida, Awayuki will be one of three songs on a CD included with the forthcoming live Blu-ray Winter Love, Like Summer! ~RAINBOW JAM2021-SUMMER SHOWER-~.

Member Moe Tsurumi commented: “It’s an important day for Nijicon. The video of the national tour celebrating the seventh anniversary of Nijicon, the fifth consecutive year having our song tied to Fuyusupo!! WINTER SPORTS FESTA, and all the things we’ve built up over the years have come together in this work!”

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