Kobukuro Reveals New MV for “Sotsugyou” Featuring SANA from TWICE


Just in time for graduation season, pop duo Kobukuro revealed a new music video for their 2020 single “Sotsugyou” starring SANA from K-pop group TWICE.

In March 2020, many students were not able to have a traditional graduation ceremony due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. That month, pop duo Kobukuro released their 31st single Sotsugyou (“Graduation”), and, in an effort to have the song reach more students, they invited TikTok users to send in videos with memories from their school days, which were then featured in the MV for the song.

This year, as graduation time nears again, SANA, one of the Japanese members of K-pop group TWICE, starred in a special new version of the MV for Sotsugyou, which was revealed on YouTube earlier this month. The MV shows a different take on the song. Rather than the lively, comical antics of current students, it highlights the emotions of adults looking back fondly their school days from a more mature perspective.

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