NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST New Releases for 2 Consecutive Months! First Up! Digital Single “ONLY HUMAN”, On Sale July 27 (Mon)!


With the sudden announcement of the release of the digital single “Life is Once” in May 2020, NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST finally started to make its move.

That NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST has announced the release of new digital singles for the 2 consecutive months of July and August!

First up is the release of the new song “ONLY HUMAN” on July 27.

The artwork and teaser video have been revealed.

Releasing new work in rapid succession, NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST.

For this release as well, the members do not appear in the teaser video as it reveals only music, just like for its previous release.

Yet another new song will be released next month. Will the entire picture be finally revealed then?!

Don’t miss the band’s “counterattack” in 2020!

Digital Single “ONLY HUMAN”


July 27 (Mon) Release  * Update scheduled for 12AM


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※The single will be released sequentially starting from 12AM on the release date.

Link to music streaming platforms:


Official YouTube (Teaser Video) 



Digital Single “Life is Once” Now On Sale!



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