MUCC No-Audience Concert to Broadcast Live on June 21 (Sun)!


On June 21, the day the Pia Arena concert was supposed to be held but eventually postponed due to the COVID-19 coronavirus, MUCC will be holding the no-audience concert titled “~Fight against COVID-19 #2~ “AKU – THE BROKEN RESUSCITATION””. The paid broadcast of this concert, which reproduces the world depicted in the new album “AKU (EVIL)”, will be broadcast live simultaneously on video-broadcasting platforms “ZAIKO” and “Nico Nico Live”.

In addition, this will also be the first attempt at a new challenge of an online concert that fans can participate in face-to-face. Lucky fans will be selected through a lucky draw in which those who have purchased tickets on ZAIKO can enter.

MUCC Paid Broadcast LIVE
Fight against COVID-19 #2~
21 June 2020 (Sun)

Broadcast URL:

<Ticket Price>
Standard Price: ¥3,000 (tax included)
Goods-Included Price: ¥6,900 (tax included + goods shipping charge not included)
*The shipping of goods is only available within Japan. Overseas delivery unavailable.

<Ticket Sales Period>
Till 24 June 2020 (Wed) 9PM
※Concert venue remote participation possible through lucky draw

<Concert Venue Remote Participation Application Requirements & Points to Note>

Ticket-purchasers who wish to remotely participate at the concert venue may win the chance to do so through a lucky draw.

Your application to enter the lucky draw will also be regarded as your agreement for your portrait to be published.

In order to remotely participate at the concert venue, you will need a total of 2 devices: 1 to view the live broadcast on “ZAIKO” and 1 to participate remotely through “ZOOM”.

Remote participation will be made possible through the application “ZOOM”. Only those who can install and use the application on their computers, mobile phones or tablets can participate. (Computer, iOS, Android compatible)

Please apply only if you are able to participate in both the rehearsal day and concert day schedules.

If you do not participate in the rehearsal or live broadcast, you will lose your right to participate and the right will be transferred to a substitute winner.

– Application Period: June 14 (Sun) 12PM ~ June 17 (Wed) 11:59PM
– Announcement of Results: June 19 (Fri) 12PM onwards
– Rehearsal Day Schedule: June 20 (Sat) 3 ~ 4PM (tentatively)
– Concert Day Schedule: June 21 (Sun) 6PM~

※Winners will be notified by e-mail to their respective e-mail addresses registered on ZAIKO.
(Unsuccessful applicants will not be notified.)

※Please be sure to register an e-mail address at which you can be contacted when registering for a ZAIKO ID.

※Please unblock the ZAIKO domain “”.

If the participant’s connection is cut off due to poor connection or network connection failure, the right to participate will be transferred to a substitute winner in order for the live broadcast to proceed smoothly. Please note that the organizer cannot be held responsible in the event you are unable to participate due to the above problems.

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