“Buono ! Last Live ~ Buono! Live 2017 ~ Pienezza! ” premier on YouTube from May 22!


Hello!Project Unit, Buono! will premier “Buono! Live 2017 ~Pienezza! ~” at Yokohama Arena, May 22nd 2017 on YouTube Buono! Official Channel for limited time.

Content is the one from Blu-ray・DVD and premier is the same date and time 3 years ago.

Also, the Buono! member MIYABI NATSUYAKI and AIRI SUZUKI will do Instagram Live right before this premier, and AIRI SUZUKI will live stream after talk show right after this premier on AIRI SUZUKI official YouTube channel.

~ Buono ! Live 2017 ~ Pienezza! ~
May 22nd 18:00 (JPN Time) premier on Buono !Official Channel on YouTube.

May 22nd 17:00 (JPN Time)
MIYABI NATSUYAKI Official Instagram :
AIRI SUZUKI Official Instagram :

REAL TIME Twitter :
MIYABI NATSUYAKI and AIRI SUZUKI will tweet during premier with #おうちでBuono  (Buono at Home)
MIYABI NATSUYAKI Official Twitter:

MAY 22ND  around 21:30 (JPN TIME)
AIRI SUZUKI after Live talk show on Official YouTube channel
AIRI SUZUKI Official YouTube:

<Message from Miyabi Natsuyaki>
I am happy to announce to everybody. May 22nd…. Whaaaat !!!
e premier Buono! Yokohama Arena Live YouTube streaming.
Let’s warp together with Buono! Live ! Super Fun Fun Fun ♪
Don’t forget Pen Light ! If you have Buono ! goods, please wear it and fun together.
And, I have live streaming with Airi even one hour before the premier.
#あいみやコラボ  Look forward to see you ~!

<Message from Airi Suzuki>
Hi, Airi Suzuki here !
We have confirmed that we do premier for Buono ! Last Live on May 22nd 2017, at the same day and time after 3 years.
Buono ! unit has started from Anime “SHUGO CHARA”. 10 years of activities are very valuable time for us. We are not able to do live show as Buono!.  But this Last Live was the one was “Legend Live “ and bring power and appreciation. People even did not see us 3 years ago, I appreciate everybody enjoy this live show !
Leader MOMOCHI has retired from entertainment business. I, Airi Suzuki and MIYA (Miyabi Natsuyaki) are still doing music activity. I hope everybody love our individual path though this Live show !!
We will do Live streaming on SNS at  #おうちでBuono. Please join us and have fun together.I will do Instagram Live with Miyabi from 17:00 , and I will do YouTube Live streaming after premium from 21:30. Please check it out !
Let’s enjoy together !!!!!!