A tribute album to GRANRODEO, featuring the likes of MUCC and Takanori Nishikawa, drops on May 13th.


Record label Lantis will release a tribute album in honour of rock duo GRANRODEO‘s 15th anniversary on May 13th.

GRANRODEO Tribute Album “RODEO FREAK” will feature covers by acts from across the Japanese rock and pop spectrum. These include the duo’s recent collaborators FLOW; visual rock bands MUCCSID and BREAKERZTakanori Nishikawa, the voice of T.M.Revolution; idol troupe Dempagumi .inc; boyband BULLET TRAIN; vocal trio BERRY GOODMAN; and pop-rock duo OxT.

Elsewhere, GRANRODEO are scheduled to hold the two-day event GRANRODEO 15th ANNIVERSARY FES ROUND GR 2020 on June 12th and 13th at Tokyo Garden Theatre.


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Reference: JaME