Produced by Steve Lillywhite, LUNA SEA’s New Album CROSS. Special Live Broadcast on the Day of Release! Special Appearances by SUGIZO, INORAN & SHINYA


LUNA SEA now in their memorial 30th year since their formation.

The climax to their 30th year anniversary year and their 10th original album CROSS is finally complete. This album is also their first release since the release of the studio album LUV 2 years ago.

LUNA SEA, who have self-produced all their work since debut, welcomes 5-time Grammy Award winner and record producer Steve Lillywhite in their first co-produced album that is without a doubt a world-class masterpiece.

A collaboration broadcast featuring SUGIZO, INORAN and SHINYA will air live on 18th December to commemorate the album’s release.

Marking the beginning of a new era with this album, the members will talk about LUNA SEA’s “now” and “future”. 

Special Appearance by SUGIZO, INORAN & SHINYA
LUNA SEA New Album CROSS Release Special

18th December (Wednesday) On air from 9PM (JST)
Special Appearance: SUGIZO, INORAN & SHINYA
MC:Okuhama Layla

Broadcast links:
SHINYA Channel

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