“MORRIE’s Solitude & KIYOHARU’s Elegy” at Joe’s Pub, New York City


Author: Masa Sasaki

A new door for Japanese music is opened globally from NYC.

MORRIE released his new album Shining Wilderness this April, and he has been touring Japan with his new solo band since his last SOLITUDE show in New York City five months ago. On August 16th, he performed another show in NYC, this time with Kiyoharu joining him as a special opening act.

Fans gathered outside before the venue opened the doors and a long line formed after the opening. Compared to the intimate vibe the 99-seat Kraine Theater provided for MORRIE’s previous SOLITUDE shows, Joe’s Pub had twice as many seats, as well as tables for dining, a full bar, a wider hall space and a higher ceiling. Every time a subway train passed by, it shook the floor beneath the audience and even the stage. This is a part of life in NYC.

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