MAN WITH A MISSION at Gramercy Theatre, New York City


Author: Sasha H.

On their most recent US tour, the wolf pack stopped by New York City and lit up the stage in Gramercy Theatre.

Gramercy Theatre was packed on a Monday night with fans excited for MAN WITH A MISSION‘s first visit to New York City since 2014. The five-piece wolf pack rock band, along with their masked support guitarist, opened the night with 2045. The first track off of their newest album Chasing the Horizon was then followed by the album’s second track, Broken People. These two high-energy electro-rock tracks thrust the crowd into excited fist pumping action.

Most of the tracks played were unsurprisingly off their most recent album. However, it was obvious how pleased fans were when they delivered some of their older crowd favorites such as Emotionsdatabase, and Seven Deadly Sins, among others. Because many of MWAM’s songs have English lyrics, many fans sang along with the band to the familiar tunes. It’s something that doesn’t happen as successfully with other Japanese bands on their American tours due to the language barrier.

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Reference: JaME