AliA Announce 2020 World Tour


Author: ZyXyS

Rock band AliA have announced plans for a world tour featuring dates in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia.

Rock band AliA recently announced that they have a world tour scheduled for next year.

During the tour, they will be visiting the US, Canada, Europe and some other Asian countries. The North American leg of the tour will consist of four shows. It will start in San Francisco on January 4th. After that, the band will perform in Los Angeles and Vancouver, and the final show will take place in New York on January 10th. As for the European shows, AliA plan to perform in London, Paris, Barcelona, Munich, Berlin and Warsaw from January 18th to 27th. You can find the full tour schedule further down the page, and you can keep an eye on AliA‘s official Twitter account for more updates regarding ticket sales.

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Reference: JaME