Super hyper Idol Group ANGERME Will Perform Their First MEXICO concert with new members and new start after Ayaka Wada’s graduation.


Los Angeles, CA (June 24th, 2019 ) — Hello! Project’s super hyper idol group and a former Japan Record Award-The best new artist- winner, ANGERME finished BUDOKAN Japan concert on JUNE 18th. And confirmed their First concert in MEXICO with new members.

Former leader of ANGERME, AYAKA WADA’s graduation concert at Budokan welcomed by red pen lights by fans. Ayaka said “It’s a completion night with first generation of ANGERME. And we are starting a second generation of ANGERME now!”

Maimi Yajima, a former member of -ute and Hello! Project surprised Ayaka, “Thank you to protect very important role as a leader. I hope your future life will be a full of smile and love. And next leader is AKARI !” to cheer next generation leader.

AYAKA WADA started off Hello-Pro Egg on 2004, and became S/mileage member in 2010, they evolved into ANGERME in late 2014. She leaded ANGERME and became Hello!Project leader on 2017.12,000 fans gathered to celebrate AYAKA’s departure and this concert was broadcasted LIVE  and Live Viewing for 29 nation and overseas venues by Live Viewing.

ANGERME had their first LIVE Q&A on Youtube and Facebook on June 17th with Akari Takeuchi, Ayano Kawamura, Haruka Ota, Raila Ise”

4,000 fans sent many questions to the members. Many questions for their first concert in Mexico.

“My first overseas experience. I am so excited!”, said new member ISE. “I will learn Spanish to communicate with everybody there.” Continues Ota. New sub leader Kawamura said” Please listen to our songs and remember. Then we should enjoy together”. “I am so looking forward to meet you guys everywhere in the world.” Concluded by Takeuchi.

ANGERME Live Q&A will continue next month with other members and guests.



Formed in April 2009 as S/mileage by former Hello! Project pro Egg members,  their name was a combination of Smile and Age. In May of 2010 they won a Japan Record Award for Best New Artist. They changed their name in October 2014 to ANGERME which was a mix of the French words forAnge- Angel and Larme-Tears. Kana, the sub leader at the time, came up with the name. ANGERME had first overseas concert in Paris on June 3rd in 2018, Hong Kong, Taipei, and Korea performances were follow by that. Ayaka Wada graduated from the group on June 18th, and 2 new members Haruka Ota and Reila Ise Joined the group on Nov.23, 2018. Their first show in Mexico is September 7th, 2019 with new members.

Information about  Mexico Show.
Date: September 7th 2019
Ticket link: Click here

VIP Tickets
– 3100 Mexican Pesos
– Early entry
– Shake hands with members
– Autographed posters

General Admission
-890 Mexican Pesos

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Kana Nakanishi
Akari Takeuchi
Rina Katsuta
Mizuki Murota
Rikako Sasaki
Moe Kamikokuryou
Momona Kasahara
Musubu Funaki
Ayano Kawamura
Haruka Ota (New Member since Nov 23, 2018)
Reila Ise (New member since Nov.23 2018)

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